About Beitipo Beauty Products


Beitipo Beauty Products offers a high quality line of products to the US market.  The mission of our business is to offer excellent quality products with a high emphasis on customer service and stellar customer shopping experiences.

Where did the name “Beitipo” come from?  Why did I decide to name my beauty line “Beitipo”?   I choose the name because of a childhood memory and story.  When I was a toddler and just beginning to speak my grandmother would tell me I was Beautiful.  Since I was just learning to speak I would go around telling people “I am Beitipo”, “You are Beitipo”, and so on.  I heard the story from the early age of 2 or three and the story continues to be told and laughed about today.  As an awkward, fair skinned, redheaded child I believe that when my grandmother repeatedly told me that I was beautiful, I began to believe it.  It was the early beginning of a positive body image for myself as I grew.

Now that I am much older I wanted to bring to life products that will help others feel “Beitipo” as well.  I want everyone to love themselves and feel beautiful head to toe.  I hope that our product help to achieve that mission.


Owner of Beitipo Beauty Products