Comedone Extractor Tool Kits by Beitipo

We have a high quality 5 piece Comedone Extractor Kit in a Beautiful Silver Zippered Case. 

case with straight toolstransback

  • This Beitipo Blemish Kit has it all- Spoons, Hoops and a Lancet, Sharp Needle like tool to pop the whitehead before extraction. Beware of dull tools that are supposed to be used for this purpose as they can just add to the irritation.
  • Sleek case with no branding lends to discretion and can be set down and carried and simply looks like a clutch.
  • Comedone Extractors are less painful than squeezing your pimples. Dermatologists use these tools because there is less irritation to the skin, causes less inflammation and less chance of infection.

Beitipo Five Piece Blemish Tool Kit in Zippered Case Offers:

Quality Stainless Steel tools for easy sterilization with no chance of rusting or corrosion. Not all Comedone Extractors are created equal, be sure to buy quality for long term durability and safety.

Diverse kits of tools that cover all acne types. The kit includes a several different hoop lancet sizes, spoons for easy extraction and large blemishes, and a sharp needle extractor. This truly in the best All-Inclusive Kit on the Market.

Zipper case is well made, simple, discreet, and holds all of your tools for safe keeping. Kit comes shipped in a beautiful box and is perfect for gift giving.

Acne can be an issue for people of all ages. Wanting to pop your pimples to get rid of them is a natural urge. Using your fingers lends to more inflammation, irritation, and becomes even more infected because of the bacteria from your hands. With the extractors sterilization is key. And because the pressure is just on the blemish itself it does not cause the inflammation like pinching the pimple does.

Tools and the Case have a Lifetime Guarantee. If you are not happy for any reason simply contact us for a complete refund.


To learn how to use our tools please see the directions to use a comedone extractor.

Here is more information about the different types of blemish tools that are included in our kits.