Comedone Extractor Uses for Acne

How do I know which comedone extractor to use?  Spoons, Hoops, and Lancets are defined and uses are explained.


Thin wire like hoops are best for whiteheads.  First lightly puncture the pimple with the lancet tool (the needle like tool).  Then use the wire like hoop extractor to remove the infection from the blemish.

Thick oblong hoops are used to extract blackheads.  Use the tool with the opening closest to the size of your blemish.


A lancet is a sharp tool that is meant to puncture the top layer of the skin so that the contents can easily be extracted.  Take note that all lancet tools are not created equal.  Many lancet tools are dull and lack a real point, which can cause more damage to the skin.  Rest assured that we have an excellent lancet tool included in our set.


Spoons with one hole are excellent for both whiteheads and blackheads.  Simply place the hole directly over the blemish, gently push down and rock the spoon.

Large Spoons with multiple holes are the perfect tool for beginners and those with large or close blemishes.  This tool is perfect for beginners as there really is no room for error and will not hurt skin if used incorrectly.  Simply place the spoon over the blemish area, apply light pressure and rock the tool back and forth until the blemish is extracted.

Detailed directions on how to use our 5 Piece Comedone Extractor Kit can be found here.

Comedone Extractors should not be used on deep acne that has not come to a head.  These tools will be ineffective for that type of blemish and can cause more harm then good.