How to Use a Teeth Whitening Kit

You are on your way to a whiter and brighter smile.  Directions on how to use our teeth whitening gel and kit.

Instructions for use:

Gel and Mouth Tray: Place a small bead of the teeth whitening gel in the upper and lower portion of the tray. Use the tip of the syringe or a cotton swab to spread evenly. Insert into mouth for 15 minutes and rinse. Repeat daily for up to 10 days.  If any sensitivity occurs use for 4-5 days and then use every other day until teeth whitener is gone.

Initial tingling is common and should quickly subside.  If you experience tingling later in the treatment remove the trays and rinse mouth.

Whitening Pen:

Perfect for on the go applications. Twist the pen base until the gel extrudes through the brush tip and apply a thin coat to the visible teeth. Get whiter teeth in minutes. Rinse after 15 minutes. Repeat touch up as needed.

Mini Blue LED Light:

Remove the battery insulator strip under batteries. Reinsert batteries correctly.  Push the white button to turn the light on or off.  Can be used with mouth trays or with whitening pen. Simply rest mouthpiece up against teeth or tray while using the gels for 15 minutes as an accelerator.

Vitamin E and Aloe Swab:

Preloaded Cotton Swab. Crack open one side, and the Vitamin E and Aloe dispenses out the other end. Rub the swab onto lips and gums prior to treatment. This dramatically resolves tissue blanching or irritation that can be caused by overloading the teeth whitening trays. Also good for post treatment.

Deep Clean Teeth Wipe:

This is a finger teeth wipe used to clean the teeth prior to treatment for maximum penetration of the whitening gel.  Simply place a finger into the wipe pouch and scrub the teeth before whitening.